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So I’m giving Private Practice a chance, because Taye Diggs and (OMG)Piz, but like WHAT is with this painting women to be emotional, stalker-y, psycho-babbling messes who only think about men and heartbreak, and let it constantly interfere with their (kick ass) jobs? I know Shonda’s all about being ~real~ and showcasing strong women with faults in positions of power, but this is too much. They’re starting to go the other way with all of this emotional instability. No one is like that all of the time. I love the eye candy and the cool medical cases though, so I’ll stick around a little longer.

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We cling to what is gone

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Who else sang the 50 states song while they read? 🙋

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Poussey Washington in Orange Is The New Black 2x6

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I’m not going to traditional live-blog anymore… 

… ‘cause that shit was fucking annoying.

But in Lady of the Lake, 

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— Maya Angelou 


— Maya Angelou 

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