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We are friends long enough now that [Tina Fey] is technically my wife. Though she’s yet to agree to take my hand in marriage, I think common law now proves that we are technically comedy wives.- Amy Poehler

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Acceptable reaction to misogyny.

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Our First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, once said: 'You cannot be both young and wise.' I say, let’s prove her wrong.

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if you ever think about making fun of someone for watching glee don’t we already hate ourselves more than you ever could

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Our story is epic

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what tv show should you watch 

aries:  buffy the vampire slayer
taurus: buffy the vampire slayer
gemini: buffy the vampire slayer
cancer: buffy the vampire slayer
leo: buffy the vampire slayer
virgo: buffy the vampire slayer
libra: buffy the vampire slayer
scorpio: buffy the vampire slayer
sagittarius: buffy the vampire slayer
capricorn: buffy the vampire slayer
aquarius: buffy the vampire slayer
pisces: buffy the vampire slayer

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